Sunday, 28 May 2017

All Strung Out

Well, we have 15 days left on our fundraiser. Please help us out - we really, really want to build pianos. We've also added a short introduction page to our team, so you can see us all with our cheesy grins.

The past couple of weeks has given us a lot to think about. The frame has safely been delivered to Alex and we'll be looking to try to cast our own frame in the next couple of weeks.

There are a few things that are proving complex. Strings are a big one. We're still looking for a string company to work with. We're in contact with a couple of places, but mostly waiting on quotes and replies. Some suppliers charge a standard international delivery fee which is more than actual postage costs. We're trying to see if we can find somewhere that will charge us the actual postage cost, plus a nominal amount for packaging. Try to keep prices within the realms of possibility.

One day it might be interesting to cost up a stringing machine, someone to teach us how to use it, and wire supply, to see if we could install one at Alex's workshop and save long-term on the postage and import costs, but for now we just need two complete sets of strings - one for our prototype and one to put Lirika back together.

One of the mistakes already made is that we should have taken rubbings of the strings before removing them. There's a great website that explains how to take measurements. Of course, all of this would be a lot easier if we just knew the string spec for a 1968 Lirika. All of her strings are labelled and there to be measured, but we're also trying to track down the once-upon-a-time Belarus Piano Co., apparently now owned by Muzinstrument-Borisov, to see whether they have the records. Unfortunately, the e-mail on their contact page bounces.

Failing that, we will measure what needs measuring and take rubbings on the floor.

Many other things have been on our mind, but we'll talk more about those soon.

All That is Left of Lirika

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