Monday, 23 March 2020

Moving On Up

Well, Covid-19 has arrived in Rwanda. We've had nineteen cases so far. The airport is closed for 30 days and we're all on lockdown in our homes for two weeks as of Saturday.

A lot of expats, including Marion (who is British) and Dés (who is Congolese), have chosen to remain in Rwanda whilst we wait to see what happens to the world. The government has so far been very swift to act and implemented many helpful measures to prevent the virus spreading and the general mood is one of confidence and cooperation. 

Offered the choice of remaining or getting evacuated to Italy, our friend Giulia decided to remain here with her family - and a piano. Because, what else are you going to do whilst stuck at home for a few weeks? Perfect time to polish those keys.

We found this cute Young Chang being sold by a couple who were leaving. It's a difficult model to date, but we reckon possibly 70s. Dés helped her to move it a couple of days before the lockdown was announced, so it was lucky timing.

Heart in mouth as our piano moving team set to work.


One of the keys needed a little adjustment. A couple of bridle straps need replacing and the whole thing needs tuning, but that will have to wait until we're free to move about again. We're looking forward to seeing this piano again in the future.