Tuning & Repair

We offer piano tuning and repair for upright and grand pianos in Rwanda. Please contact Marion: marion.woolley@gmail.com / WhatsApp: 0780 102 434

If you've found a second-hand piano you're thinking of buying, we can come with you to inspect it and give a thorough assessment to help you decide whether it's worth purchasing.

How do I know if my piano needs tuning?

If you live in Kigali, we can come and do a free diagnostic for the price of moto transport. 

If you live outside Kigali, transport and overnight accommodation might be required. 

How often should a piano be tuned?

Ideally, twice a year if it's being played regularly.

What is a pitch pull?

If your piano hasn't been tuned in a long time, it might need a pitch pull before it can be fully tuned.

A pitch pull (also called an over pull) involves raising the pitch of all the strings above their normal pitch. As you tune a piano, it places a lot of tension on the string frame. This tension can cause the strings you have already tuned to become out of tune again. If the strings are only flat by a little bit, this isn't a problem. If they're flat by a lot, you will need a pitch pull.

The pitch pull and fine tuning will be done on separate  days, usually two weeks apart.

What does the process involve?

Tuning can take up to four hours. It involves a lot of hitting the same key repeatedly. For this reason, you might want to go out for the day.

Some of the keys on my piano don't work.

That's okay. We can help to diagnose the problem. There are lots of reasons why keys stop working. Some things are easy to fix and can be done here in Kigali, others are more difficult and may require ordering new parts. 

I have a completely broken piano.

Get in touch. It might be possible to refurbish your piano and restore it to full working order. 

I want piano lessons.

Contact Bonanni at Kigali Music School: 0785069100 or Paco Bizimana: 0785034274

If you would like violin lessons, contact Lauren: 0786675647