Friday, 22 February 2019

Back To It

Hi everyone.

Really sorry we've been so quiet lately. the start of the year has been quite busy for Désiré and Marion, but our focus is gradually coming back to the piano. Here it is over at the workshop.

The original Lirika frame has gone back to Chillington as they didn't take a pattern the first time, so they're doing that now. The string spacing seems fairly okay, so we just had three minor adjustments:

  1. There was a hitch pin that wasn't fully formed, so that needs to be there on future frames.
  2. All of the hitch pins need to be angled down slightly. Some are straight or upward slanting, which causes the strings to come off when tightening. They need to be strong enough and well enough angled not to rise up and slip the string.
  3. Our logo is upside down and very large, we'd like to position it more centrally.

Once the pattern is finalised, Marion will begin rebuilding the original Lirika. 

The second issue which has held things up a little is a weird string incident. Out of 49 bass strings, 48 fit perfectly, but one was too short. We measured again and reordered, but when it eventually arrived, it was too long. We're going to try for third time lucky, along with ordering some strings for the Young Chang and Bonani's music school. It's just been a matter of finding the time to take all the measurements. We're about there now though.

Marion and Dés are meeting in the week to discuss the next steps and hopefully we'll have some more news for you soon.