Friday, 18 May 2018

88 and Out

Finally taken all 88 hammers off the action frame last week and delivered it to Chillington to see whether they can replicate it. 

Started by taking each hammer, damper and whippen off one by one and labelling them, then discovered it was easier just to do six or seven hammers, then dampers, then whippens, then labels. Sped things up a bit. Whole process took about five hours.  


Gave the whole thing a bit of a wipe down. Fifty years of dust in between the pieces.

Not to mention a wee eight-legged friend. Not sure how long she's been there, but we hope she owns earmuffs.  

Popped the frame out in the sun to dry.

Then, the next morning, Marion sat the frame on her lap and took it by public moto to Chillington. Public motorbikes (motos) are the fastest and most convenient way of getting around the city, and the frame was surprisingly light with all the hammers removed.
Public Moto
Piano Action on a Moto

Now it's just a case of waiting to hear what Chillington say.