Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Free Piano Tuning in Kigali

What a week! We've almost reached £1,000 on our Indiegogo campaign. I've just posted an update there. 

Apparently, the sooner we reach 20% funded, the more likely we are to reach our grand total. Some strange crowdfunding psychology. 

Ways you can help us get there: 

  • Share our Indiegogo campaign via social media, through Facebook and Twitter, using hashtags like #pianos and #music
  • Leave a comment on our Indiegogo page explaining why you think this is a great idea and why you backed it.
  • If you know someone running a music or travel blog, ask them if we could do a guest post or interview with them.

We're also offering free upright piano tuning in Kigali to anyone who can help us raise contributions.

Last week I headed over to help the Korean church in Kinyinya to replace five bass strings. Going back to do a second tuning soon.

I've also just done an article for Piano Addict about what we're doing - you can read it here.

Please continue to spread the word about our project and let's keep the momentum going.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Indiegogo Campaign

We've done it! We've gone live!

For the next sixty days we're going to be telling the world about our dream of building pianos in Rwanda.

Please help us to spread the word - and this video.

We're looking for any opportunity to guest blog and shout about what we're up to.

Please also connect with us on: