About Us

Kigali Keys is a project to try to build pianos in Rwanda, Africa:

Désiré Mulumeoderwa

Originally from Congo, Désiré is a carpenter with twenty years'  experience in his trade. He regularly works on projects for homes and restaurants across Kigali, but in his spare time he's taken up the challenge of Kigali Keys, building the piano casing and deconstructing the action to see whether we can replicate it.
Marion Grace Woolley

Marion is originally from the UK and works in Rwanda as an NGO consultant. She first arrived in 2007-09 as a sign language researcher, then returned in 2014 to start her own business. Marion taught herself to string and tune pianos because she couldn't find anyone else to do it. She would love to turn building pianos into a full-time profession.
Alex Karabona

Alex is a metalworker who runs a workshop in Kigali, near Rwandex. At the start of his career, he studied in Turin, Italy, where he learnt many metalworking techniques. Alex has been involved since the start of the project, helping to make specialist tuning hammers and advise on metalwork.


Chillington run a metal forge in Kigali and are responsible for casting our string frames.