Tuesday, 30 May 2017

70kg of Joy

It's a girl! 

70kg (11 st) of string frame.

[NB: later revised to 67kg]

This is Lirika's frame being turned into a mould at Alex's workshop as I type.

This weekend, it looks like we might be casting our very own frame.

Back of Frame

A frame is still a long way off a full piano, but it's one of the two biggest parts we needed to figure out. We can't start working on anything else until we're sure we can make the frame.

Interestingly, it seems that the frame might not have been the heaviest part! The back board of the piano weighed an absolute ton. At least the same, if not more, by the feel of it.

This is the back board, with the soundboard and thick wood for the tuning pins.

It feels really emotional to see Lirika like this. Just over a week ago, she was a fully functioning piano. Hopefully she will be again.

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