Monday, 15 July 2019

Springing into Action

Another disappointing day at the post office. Next week will be two months since we placed the order for rail pins from America. I think this is the major decider about whether we can manufacture pianos. Next to whether we can build one, it's a supply issue. The postal system is just unbelievably slow.  It's particularly frustrating as it's the last piece in the jigsaw before we find out whether the piano plays. 

In the mean time, we're continuing to work on the Hamilton for Bugasera Lodge. Marion replaced all 88 springs over the weekend. You can see the difference it makes in the video above. Meanwhile, Désiré had a go at making replacement hammer butt flanges for a couple that had broken. Going to try them out tonight. If we can't make them ourselves, we'll need to order the parts - and that would take a really long time.

Hoping to take the action back to Bugasera on Saturday, then wax all the rail pins and put in new felt for the back rail, which was looking really worn. With any luck, that should result in a playable piano.

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