Friday, 7 September 2018

Guest Stringers Part II

We welcomed our second set of guest stringers yesterday and completed two sections of the treble, each section being made up of eighteen tuning pins, six notes of the same guage wire. We've completed sizes 6.5-16, starting on 15 today.

This is our friend Chris from Kenya. She's an engineer and has been a great sounding board for discussions on alternative materials and action parts. 

Lauren is an incredibly talented violinist and a staunch member of WAG, the animal rescue shelter here. We'll make another post about that at some point as all of the Kigali Keys cats are rescue cats and WAG do excellent work. We'll put Lauren's contact at the bottom of this page if you would like violin lessons in Kigali. 

Our last guest of the day was the lovely Alex Karabona, who has been involved with this project from the start and attempted to cast our first string frame before we enlisted the help of Chillington. He also makes our custom-made tuning hammer bits which help us to tune pianos without shaving the pins.

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