Friday, 1 June 2018

Bridge to the Other Side

We've been holding off posting for a while in the hopes of making a big announcement about stringing, but it's taking longer than expected. Marion is off to the UK for a few weeks and we're trying to get to the stage where we can string up the prototype before she leaves. That will give the new strings time to stretch and settle, so that we can tune them on her return.

The bit that's been taking a while is getting all the pins aligned on the bridges. Désiré has been working overtime to craft these complicated parts, which keep the strings evenly spaced and taught. 

Example of bridge pins from this site.

Now that they're almost finished, it's a case of mounting the string frame and hammering in the tuning pins using these pieces of equipment from Howard Piano Industries. The black one is a tuning pin punch, which goes over the pin to protect it when you hammer. The silver one is a tuning pin setter, which helps to ensure that all the pins go in at the same depth. We're talking around 220 tuning pins, so it takes a while to do by hand.

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