Saturday, 22 December 2018

All Change

We've decided to press on with the front of the piano. The missing string hasn't arrived yet, as post can take some time to reach us, but we'll put that on when it gets here. Chillington need to examine the frame to finalise the pattern in January, when they reopen after the holidays. But all of this can be done with the front on, and we can take the front off if needs be.

Marion waved goodbye as Dés's team took it back to the workshop. We need to be extremely careful to keep it dry, as piano string rusts incredibly easily if exposed to water or damp. Dés is building a case for the front of the instrument to prevent people touching the strings. Pianos are very beautiful, and the first thing people often want to do is run their fingers across the strings to hear the sound, but sweat from our hands can damage the strings and accelerate rusting, so we need to prevent that.

Marion has filled the space with a new addition - a Young Chang from around the late 80s. This was the piano from the church in Kinyinya. The first piano she ever put a new string on. The church have just bought a new piano so this one was on offer.


Marion is planning to rebuild her Lirika once the pattern is settled. But the Young Chang makes a very acceptable substitute. It's got a bit of a bigger voice than the Lirika. Playing with the mute on is a must so as not to disturb the neighbours. It's also very similar in build to the Lirika, so a good reference point for Dés as we continue building. It helps to have a working piano to poke about with and check how things fit together. Providing our prototype works and we go into business, we could always use the Young Chang as a rental instrument for musicians and concerts.

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