Get Involved

We've recently completed a crowdfunder which should be enough for us to build our prototype piano, so there's not a lot we need right now, but we will post our wishlist once we go into production.

Kigali Music School Refurbishment

Kigali Music School has a 1924 Canadian Heintzman. We've no idea how it first came to Rwanda, but it needs a bit of work doing. The students currently play electric keyboards but we would love to restore this instrument. KMS relies on public donations. Materials and labour to replace the broken ivory key tops with new plastic tops will cost £80 (roughly $100).We would love to do this for them for Christmas.


Kigali Keys is a work of passion and we're all learning as we go along. If you're a piano tuner, technician or woodcarver passing through East Africa, we'd be happy to offer you a comfortable bed and show you the sights in return for your expertise. It's extremely rare that we get to meet international professionals and your knowledge could help us go a long way.
Tuning Hammers

We are always grateful to receive tuning hammers and tuning kits, such as these ones from eBay (except the $10 hammers which are too small). We can't buy tuning kits in Rwanda, and we need them to teach other people how to tune.  Many eBay suppliers offer free international shipping if you tick the box down the left. You can send donations to: Marion Woolley, PO Box 5145, Kigali, Rwanda.