Friday, 14 December 2018

Sound of Silence

Underwater Piano


Sorry we've been so quiet recently. Few hold-ups. 

Firstly, we're waiting for the missing string to arrive. We ordered it a couple of weeks back, but post to Rwanda sometimes takes a while. Nothing we can really do about that.

Meanwhile, we need to settle the pattern for the frame with Chillington before we continue building the front of the piano and installing the keys. The pattern is the specifications for making more frames in the future. There's a few things we need to alter on the frame, such as making sure the hitch pins angle down and are in the correct places, and - most importantly of all - finding the right place to put our logo.

Chillington have already closed for Christmas, so we need to wait until January to go through everything with their technicians.

Once the pattern is 100% completed, we can then put the old frame back into Lirika and start rebuilding her. 

Désire is keen to start building a second piano already, but we've learnt that nothing can be rushed. We're taking our time over the prototype, but once it's complete, building future pianos should become much quicker. 

We're looking forward to finding out what this one sounds like in the New Year, and thank everyone for their continued support with the project.

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