Sunday, 23 September 2018

Safety First

Cat toys, talcum powder and rum.
Recipe for success.

Massive shout out to our friend Ineke, who brought us a gift package from Belgium. We used to be able to buy safety goggles from Nakumatt, but they're having supply issues at the moment and no longer stock them. Tried a few other places, but no joy. 

Thanks to Ineke, we're all stocked up on safety goggles, dust masks and talcum powder.

We get through so much talcum powder whilst stringing.

You have to make sure your hands are really well washed and completely dry whilst stringing. Sweat and water causes the wire to rust really quickly. We wear a glove on the left hand to help protect our fingers when coiling the wire around the pins, but it helps to have one bare hand free to do other things with more precision. Hence all the talc.

Honestly, so much talc.

Floor looks like a snowstorm. 

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