Sunday, 16 September 2018

DuncanAfrica Society

Slight divergence from pianos for a post, though the stringing is going well.

We recently received a message via WhatsApp asking whether we could mend a guitar, as someone's instrument had been damaged in transit.

We couldn't, but we endeavoured to find someone who could, which is when we made contact with the DuncanAfrica Society. They are an organisation based in Mpigi, not far from Entebbe, which produces African-made guitars. Their story is really inspiring.

Back in July, Marion had a go at restringing her first guitar. More used to working with thick piano wire, it was tricky to stop the beckets popping out, but she eventually managed to get her step-father's F. Hashimoto twelve-string up to pitch with the help of the GuitarTuna app.

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