Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Rwanda Motorcycle Company

Dés and Marion spent the morning at Rwanda Motorcycle Company. They were invited by Chris, the Director of Manufacturing, to come and see the bikes they manufacture. All of the bikes are imported in plywood crates and he asked whether it would be useful for our pianos. It's not quite right for pianos, but still useful for Désiré's other projects.

The warehouse is vast. It's based out in the Free Trade Zone, which is a massive industrial area. It's built in the midst of beautiful, green wetlands, but the rental prices are pretty steep. It was the first time we'd been out there and it was interesting to have a nose around

They mainly build three types of bike. This one is a runaround:

This one is a swanky touring bike:

And this one as a workhorse for carrying loads through the villages:

It was really good to talk to Chris about manufacturing in Rwanda. Both pianos and motorcycles face similar challenges with regard to import costs and sourcing materials. We've also joined Kigali Entrepreneurs Forum, which is where we met Chris in the first place. 

After the visit, Marion popped to Frulep to do some shopping and found this stunning Harley Davidson sitting in the car park. Quite a sight in Kigali, and attracting a lot of attention from moto drivers.



  1. Hi Chris. My brother and I have just bought 2 250's from you but now have ti relocate. Is there any chance that you can help us get them to the UK at a reasonable cost? I am in the freight business, but only move commercial goods, so my guys are charging for a full vehicle.... waaaay too much.

  2. Hello. This is the blog for Kigali Keys Piano Project, not Rwanda Motorcycle Company. You would need to contact them directly.