Friday, 30 November 2018


Sadly, Kigali Music School in Gisozi closed its doors recently due to lack of funding. That's the place with the 1924 Heintzman - the first piano we tuned. Not sure what that piano's up to now, but the former manager, Bonani (who you might remember from our stringing sessions), is striking out on his own and opening a new centre in Nyamirambo. 

They were gifted a piano, but it's got a couple of strings missing and was extremely out of tune. The people who gave him the piano didn't expect he'd be able to find someone to tune it - so we had to really, didn't we?

It's a lovely 1980-81 Swedish Nordiska. 


Marion had a very slight hangover throughout the three-hour tuning process. It can be quite hard physically and mentally to stay focused, but the results always make it completely worth the effort. To hear a piano come to life and sound whole is a magic trick. We're going to help out with ordering and replacing the lost strings and replacing the bridle straps, which have been snacked upon my mice. Otherwise, it's in really good condition and the tuning pins feel nice and tight.

Sorry Bonani, we know you haven't had a chance to practise on this at all yet, but we're going to share.

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