Saturday, 13 October 2018

Bringing it Forward

So, had a little hiccup when we started to string the bass section. The bridge pins on the lower-bass section were about 1 cm too far back for the wire. 


So, this morning Désiré and Paulin dropped by to fix the issue. Paulin works at Dés's carpentry business and is specifically helping Dés with all things piano-related. He was responsible for putting in many of the tuning pins.

That last one is Paulin reattaching the string frame after reducing the thickness off the wooden back rest. 

We think this came about because the string frame might not be an exact replica of the original Lirika. A slight difference in casting could be responsible for the issue. 

The guys worked really hard on this. It took around four hours to do it right, without disturbing any of the strings or tuning pins.

The bass section now fits the bridge pins properly and we can continue with the final stage of stringing.

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