Monday, 6 August 2018

Pinned to String

L-R: Paulin, Samuel and Désiré

We promised you a project update, and this should make you smile.

Désiré and his assistant, Paulin, have been hard at word inserting all of the tuning pins by hand. The soundboard is in and the bridges are also in place. For those who have been asking, the casing is made from native musave (moo-saav-ay) wood, from Congo.

Marion is back in Rwanda, and this week the piano will be moved from Dés's workshop to her home, where we'll start stringing it up.

This is where we find out how accurate the string frame and bridges are. It's a nerve-racking time, with a lot of money and effort gone before. We're keeping everything crossed that the frame will hold and that it's well aligned. 

Stringing will take a few weeks, but we'll make posts along the way.


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