Sunday, 4 February 2018

We've Got The Strings!

Pianos as Art

We've done it!

Strings on their way!

Turns out, we were asking the wrong people. Instead of approaching piano wire manufacturers, we should have been asking restorers and repairers, who have been much more sympathetic to our plight. After a couple of months of going nowhere, we tried e-mailing around again and received a flood of helpful messages.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who responded, and in particular:

  • Martin Robertson at EKA, who sold us the strings - they're on their way.
  • Martin Heckscher at Heckscher & Company and Sharon Doughty at Fletcher & Newman, who also offered to source the strings for us and offered heaps of advice.   
  • David at Courtney Pianos, who put us on to EKA in the first place.
  • Rebecca Doman at Abbey Piano Services for offering to help get the wire out here if we hit problems.

And, again, we want to thank KeySure, who really did try for us, and who explained the string sizes we need. Their input has been invaluable.

We're so excited to get the project moving again and start talking about something other than strings.

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