Sunday, 27 August 2017

A Most Unusual Morning

We've had a lovely morning fixing this unusual Dutch Rippen piano. A family brought it with them to Rwanda. It belonged to the owner's grandfather. 

The keys weren't working and it took some getting into. Turned out the instrument had been packed away with a long plastic pole - possibly a damp-prevention method - slotted between the hammers, with the hammer rail pushed forward. We removed the pole, pushed back the hammer rail, and the piano burst into life. Sounds lovely with the acoustics of the tiled room.  

Similar Model from Google Image
The bottom board was quite a struggle to replace as there's a gap through which to see the strings and, presumably, through which sound escapes.

Overall, the piano is in very good condition. A couple of the bridle straps have gone, but that's fixable. It was also pretty much in tune because it hadn't been played. 

A really intriguing design. Quite possibly done to make it look more like a grand piano on its side.

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