Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Kigali Music School II

Had a really great day at Kigali Music School today. We mentioned before that they have a 1924 Heintzman that's in need of a little love, so Marion dropped by to teach manager, Bonani, how to tune the piano.

The instrument is in pretty good condition considering her age. Started by wiping the dust out from the inside. This is the water after one pass of the sponge!

But looking sparkly afterwards. Under all of that dust, each of the keys were numbered.

She's a bit of a difficult piano to tune because she has very high key buts - the part that connects the key to the hammer. You can see the stems along the bottom. Because of this, the action is very high, so when you get to the treble section it's extremely difficult to get the tuning dampers in so that you can listen to the strings accurately. Still, we pressed on and she now sounds wonderful.

Finished up with a DIY patch on a bridle strap. A few of the keys have crumbling straps just because of the age of the instrument. C8 went completely, so Marion crafted a makeshift hook using cardboard, sellotape and superglue. It'll hold until we can replace it properly.

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