Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Free Piano Tuning in Kigali

What a week! We've almost reached £1,000 on our Indiegogo campaign. I've just posted an update there. 

Apparently, the sooner we reach 20% funded, the more likely we are to reach our grand total. Some strange crowdfunding psychology. 

Ways you can help us get there: 

  • Share our Indiegogo campaign via social media, through Facebook and Twitter, using hashtags like #pianos and #music
  • Leave a comment on our Indiegogo page explaining why you think this is a great idea and why you backed it.
  • If you know someone running a music or travel blog, ask them if we could do a guest post or interview with them.

We're also offering free upright piano tuning in Kigali to anyone who can help us raise contributions.

Last week I headed over to help the Korean church in Kinyinya to replace five bass strings. Going back to do a second tuning soon.

I've also just done an article for Piano Addict about what we're doing - you can read it here.

Please continue to spread the word about our project and let's keep the momentum going.

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